Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Dear Friends & Family,
So, I´m going to print off all the things that were written this week, go get my hair cut and come back in like 45 minutes :)

Only my comp got his hair cut :P But it looks good.

No, nothing from the RA job.

Liberty Square looks great and cheap so that's an awesome combination :P

My first choice would be rooming with Scott but I don´t know how much time I can wait to decide and this looks like a good option; plus I know various people that are going to live at Liberty Square.

Alpine Village looks great but almost too great :P How easy is it to back out if we find something cheaper? Would I have to do the year contract for sure?

I could go for the 8 month contract because in the end it's cheaper, but the payments on the year contract would be easier to make each month. But if I get a year contract I can`t get married for at least a year :P But the year contract would force me to work there in Utah and not in Colorado.

Living back on campus is weird for a second year :P But if it's the cheapest I might go with that.

In my priorities of what determines where I live next year in this order:

1. Cost

2. Distance from campus

3. Commodities (pool,gym)

4. Distance from friends

Baptism of Miquel Angel Roman Gatica, papa de Michelle

Baptism of Camila Praxsedes Ruiz Leon & Vicente Andres Ruiz Leon

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