Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Dear Family and Friends:

Cultural Note:

Here there are very few people who have a phone plan with unlimited minutes so there is a very distinct phone culture. Some people have 3-4 different phones so they have a number with all the companies so they can get all "verizon to verizon" type benefits. Also people are really thrifty with their minutes and they make phone calls really short or if they are near the end of the month or running out of minutes they will "pinch" you which means they call you until you answer and then hang up which means they want you to call them back.
This week was rather full! We had to replicate the Consejo de lideres de la mision to the rest of the zone which means Elder Barker and I were in charge of 4 hours of training. We also had interchanges with the assistants. I went back to Viña and got to see quite a few people again which was pretty cool. We then had a second interchange but with the zone leaders of Valparaíso while Elder Barker went to a training for new zone leaders.

Then to top it all off we had 3 baptisms!!!! Camila, Vicente, and Miguel got baptized.

I've been working with Miguel for the last 5 months so that he could get baptized and his testimony after the ordinance during the baptismal service made it all worth it! He said he felt the spirit :P but in a lot of other words.

I know that I have a calling from God and authority to do my calling.

Love y'all

All is well,

Elder Hall

PS. A shared or private room is not on my list of priorities :P unless it's cheaper to have one or the other. Probably a shared room. I would prefer a place at Scotts because it's half the price but if it's my only option then ask Gary to look for housing to see if he can find anything.

Alpine Village is totally rich kid :P Looks really nice though. I wouldn't mind living there but I don`t know if I want to have to work to be able to live there and study at the same time.


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