Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014
Hey friends and family,
I sent a ton of pictures this week.

Love you all.
All is well,

Elder Hall

PS.  We are going to call on Sunday (For Mother's Day) at 5 Chile time I don´t know what the time difference is :P

1)  This is the stand we used.
2)  After the fire the people lived on the burnt remains of their house in tents so their neighbors didn´t steal their land.
3)  Rebuilding Valparia√≠so. I just wanted to take a photo of our progress and my comp throws up the Wacituros (a group of 16 year old ´gangsters´ that sing) sign and Elder Morales starts breakdancing :P
4)  The foundation of a house that used to look over valpo.
5)  Camilo receiving the aaronic priesthood.
6)  Bautismo de Orieta y Ricardo.
7)  We thought the church was burning but it turned out to be that people were burning trash behind the church in the open field.
8)  Panoramic view of Belloto from the apartment of the elder that is in Liahona Ward.

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