Monday, December 23, 2013

December 9, 2013

Dear Friends and Family :)

Cultural note/cool story:

So this week we found a new investigator.  We were walking down the street and just got the idea to knock this door, we knock on the door and a man comes out that says in perfect English "Hey guys, come on in, you caught me at the perfect moment."  Turns out this man was born in Chile and his dad was a political friend of Salvador Allendes so when the power changed hands in 1973 on September 11th they told his dad basically you have 1 week to get you and your family out of the country.  So our investigator grew up in California, prepared for the ´92 olympics roller hockey team but then when the .com bomb burst and he lost his job he moved back to Chile.  We are teaching him in English which is really weird. He no longer works with computers and programing but he has varias acres of farmland that he grows food for his family, makes and sells jam and tomato sauce. He was atheist but the last 7 years working with the land and enjoying the creation has made him start to believe or at least have the desire to believe that there is a God. (He loved the Alma 32 faith is like a seed analogy).  I love how this church is founded on questions. We don`t have blind faith, we don`t obey because we are walking blind.  We obey because we can see the eternal perspective based on our personal revelation to our personal questions. All ya got to do is ask!

This week we also started teaching the grandma of a recent convert and we found a family of a bajillion that we will see if they progress in the future.

All is well, Love you all
Elder Hall

P.S. Foto Matias Oberruter

P.P.S  Mother, I Got the package, haven`t opened it yet; but thank you for the shoes they will be very well used :)

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