Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10, 2013

August 10, 2013

Dear Friends and Family :)

Cultural Note:

     Father would not survive in Chile.  You have to give everyone Hugs.  After one lesson with an investigator we normally leave saying goodbye with a hug - barely knowing the person.

     I´m online now (3:01 PM - CO time) - later than normal cuz we had to do some things and I´ve got an hour and we have to leave to get ready for the ward activity that we are having tonight.  We are doing Minute to Win It!   It should be fun.  Plus out investigator with a baptismal date should be there and two more investigators!
     We had to go do an errand in the morning for the office, then go pick up some couches and move them to another apartment, and then have our district meeting and so on.  The internet is the last thing we are doing before going to the ward activity!

          Hey what's up with the trunky questions?!?   hahaha - I still have a year left (almost) :P    Okay I can see why (family is in town); but I´m trying not to think about that.  ahhahaha yes, I have the information.  I will probably be arriving home on the 15th of July 2014; but that's a probably if I don´t extend my mission.
     So that's pretty awesome that everyone's home except for me right now :P Hugs all around :)

     hahaha - It's almost true that I have had more baptisms in the office.  But only the ones that get baptized while you are still in the ward count for you.  If you get transferred one day before the baptism it doesn´t count.  But who's counting?  What really matters is that they get baptized.  So the baptismal date is for the 17th of August; but this one won´t count technically for me because in 5 days I´ll get my new companion and we will be working in Viña not in Forstal alto. But my new companion will be the person that I train to replace me so that I can leave the office!!

     We work with both inactives and investigators.  We work with incomplete families that are less active - in time their children have grown up and need the gospel.

     I´m going to write a little experience that I had this week:
     This week was hard and stressful.  We were in a trio again so coordinating the three office responsibilities and their schedules made it very hard to do proselyting (sp?), and this week was mission leader counsel which is one of our busier weeks.  The day of council we said to each other that we had to go out and work no matter what.  So we worked our butts off getting everything done and we finally finished with all of our duties around 8:30 at night.  We left with only time to make one visit.  We get to the house of some future investigators and they say they are on their way out, but we can come in while they wait for the babysitter to get there before they go out to a movie.  So we go in the house and start sharing with the family.  Then the babysitter gets there and it just happens to be a woman and her husband, who also happen to be members of the church who happen to know Elder Lastra from a previous ward... coincidence?  I think not!  God is in the details of our lives!

As always Mother, I am eternally grateful for what you have done for me as I grew up and the example you are!  I Love you.

All is well
Elder Hall.

Hey Shelly!!  OH, I have to show you something and you will be so proud of me!

See original picture.  And here is what I learned how to do from watching you hahaha :)
The son Sebastian got baptized 2 weeks before the mom did and the dad asked if I could make a picture of them all in white - hehe

Yup! :)   I photoshoped him in!

     (Rachelle:  I'm so proud of you!  My little brother is all grown up and playing photoshop.  Name that movie?)

Shrek? from Donkey?  I'm so rusty on culture hahaha especially in English

     (Rachelle:  False - Mulan from Mushu.  DISAPPOINTED *shakes head*  [Mushu and Donkey are from the same voice/actor.])

I knew it was from a animal sidekick!... but I´m disappointed in myself - hahah

How's life?  How's Ken?  How are you keeping busy?
     (Rachelle:  Life is wonderful.  Ken is great.  How am I keeping busy?  Playing all the time of course :P)

You little yellow you!
I love you guys!  Not much time left.



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