Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 29,2013

June 29,2013

Dear Friends and Family!

I went to Santiago for training as financial secretary.  I went with Elder Lastra and Elder Boss.  Hermana Jaime came with us as well for some paper work that she had to do in the embassy of Colombia.
Oh wow that's cool (Picture from Joe Heeb of Vina del Mar's sister city, Sausalito CA, plaque).  I actually live in a building called Terrazas de Sausalito next to Sausalito Lagoon!
We are still in a trio until Wednesday when we will have the transfer meeting.  The week of transfers is always crazy.

WOW, the Missionary Fireside was AWESOME!  We are now in the Digital Age of Missionary work, hahaha.  That sounds weird.  We will see about the LUX Tablet after the information arrives about how the announcement will be applied in our mission.

12 more days an I'll have completed a year of service to the Lord!  (July 11th)   WOW, the time goes by fast.  Today I have plans of re-reading my journal entries and compiling what I´ve learned over the last year and then set my goals for the next year.

All is well.
Elder Hall


Miguel Angel Villalon and his son Sebastian
The district with the Zone leaders
Sausalito CA Sister City Plaque
Metro de Viña del Mar
Metro de Santiago. Metros fascinate me and are an interesting experience

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