Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 8, 2013

Dear Friends and Family :)

Cultural Notes:
Coming down to South America I thought I would see more excitement about soccer; but up until yesterday I didn´t really see anything having to do with soccer out of the normal.  Yesterday Chile played Paraguay to start the qualifying for the World Cup in 2014.  I´ve never seen anything like it, at 7:30 there were tons of people in the streets buying bread and other snacks and going to and from different places. At 8:00 there was nobody in the street.  But walking in the street, you could hear all the commentary from the game haha.  It seemed just like what you see in the movies. (see attached photo)

That's awesome to hear that I´m going to have a cousin in the mission!

This week was the week to pay for rent... super stressful.  Plus we had consejo de lideres de la mision on Friday too which is always a big deal.  I am getting into a grove with my duties as financerio now so it's getting easier.  Something that I´ve noticed while I´ve been in the mission is the mantle that comes with every calling/assignment in the church that I´ve had.  The Lord really supports and augments our abilities and talents when he needs us to do something.  I sure did not feel ready for Elder Wardrop, my trainer in the office, to leave but after he did the Lord has blessed and helped me to fulfill my duties.

My new comp is Elder Montero from Peru. Good missionary, but he wants to do everything his way and we have had some debates (not conflicts); but nothing a good compaƱonship inventory can´t fix haha.

All is well :)
Elder Hall

Baptism!!  Karla Conteras, with Elder Wardrop and I and Susan Karla´s 2 year old daughter in the bottom right hand corner.

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