Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Dear friends and Family :)

Cultural Note:
On the buses "micros" people make a living getting on the bus at one stop, selling something: ice cream, candy, bandaids, whatever it is, getting off the bus at the next stop, crossing the street and repeating the process in a circle all day. The other day, when I went to Viña for the transfer meeting, a man got on the bus and instead of selling anything he started playing the guitar and singing songs by Micheal Buble. Of course at that moment the assistants call :P

This week, with with the change of companion, has been very different. I had gotten very used to how Elder Lastra and I would teach; he would do most of the talking duing the lessons, but I did my share too. With my new companion, Elder Peterson, I´ve had to step it up a bit :P We are both still learning the language so it has been a little interesting. But, as a change, it has also been nice to be able to chat in English in the apartment :P
This week I had the amazing opportunity to speak the words that the spirit gave me. Still struggling a little with the language. Having to speak more in the lessons has been a challenge; but I´ve lived the promise that if you treasure the word of God it will be given you in the moment that you need it. Some of the things that I've said this week have even taught myself. That's how I know I was speaking with the spirit :)

All is well :)
Elder Hall
PS. No, the Liahona is in English :P So I understand it perfectly.
See attached picture of Elder Mark Hall with his new greenie, Elder Peterson.

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