Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013

Dear Friends and Family :)
Cultural Note:
And randomly, how are fathers grapes? The ones here are growing all over the place :P

Transfers this week :P Elder Lastra left for Quyota and I meet my new companion tomorrow. For now I´m in exchanges with another Elder in Belloto.

Every day this week was rather disappointing except for Sunday. Throughout the whole week investigators and members were falling through with the appointments so we were in the street alot this week. After four and a half months we finally found some time to go tracting :P

But Sunday came around and participating in the sacrament was a relief for me :) Also it was awesome to here the testimonies of all
the people who went to the temple during the Ward Temple Trip. Everyone said it was a little piece of heaven on earth. It made me
remember the joy that I had to see my family in the Temple when I went through :)

This week I´ve been reading the General Conference talks in the Liahona, and it's a testimony to me that this church is being led by
Jesus Christ who inspires men to speak about what the world needs. But not only does he guide the leaders of the church, Christ also guides every president of an organization, every bishop, every parent, every person individually. I have been able to see this over and over again in the past months.

Love Y´all

All is well,
Elder Hall

Note to Father: Sometimes I feel like I´m just doing work, work and numbers, work and paperwork. How have you in your life learned to be led by the Spirit while focusing on your work?

By the way, every 6 weeks for changes the P-Day will be on Tuesday and this transfer I´m training... I don´t feel prepared to train a new missionary.

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