Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Dear Friends and Family :)
Cultural Note:
Driving in Viña is crazy! Or I guess I should say riding in a bus or a taxi in Viña is crazy :P The part of Viña where all the businesses are and the mission office is all good with straight roads and stop lights. But going into the hills where the people live are crazy steep switch back roads; but really tight switch backs. The taxies drive with their horn because you can´t see around the next bend. So they just honk their horn and keep going :P The busses drive a little slower but you feel the turns more :P When a Taxi is behind a bus they get way too close :P I now know how father feels when we drive hahaha. I felt like telling the taxi driver to "back off" hahahaha!
I´m pretty much loving the weather here :) In the mornings it's cold, during the day it heats up gradually, but in the afternoon everyday for the past few weeks there has been a breeze coming in from the sea and cooling off the day. The sun is a little strong at times; but I´m not dying of heat :)

Anyway, so Today I´m in Viña with Elder Lopez to pick up the things that he left behind in the emergency transfer. So I got to know Viña a little today. The transfers are this week. We found out Saturday that I´m leaving Pais De Gales after 6 months; but I won´t know where I´m headed until wWednesday :P

With the investigator who decided to go back to her old church, we are going to call her after the 28th because her and her husband were investigating the church. Her husband had to go to the south to work until the 28th. She said she had made her decission; but he had not made his, so we are going to go back at least one more time. There is still hope for the both of them :) I did let her know the sorrow that I felt when we were there and so did the member that was accompanying us.

Leaving a ward after working in it for 6 months is kinda lame. I´ve come to love alot of the people and families here. I know almost all of the families. (And yes mother, I´ve taken pictures with many of them. Don´t worry :P)

This week my testimony was again strenghtened that this is the Lords work, not our work. He is constantly guiding us. This week a young adult of the ward came to me to tell me that he was grateful for the missionaries. He was active in the church when he was younger, but fell away around 18 years old. He prayed and prayed to know if the chuch was true but nothing ever happend, so he left it at that until one day he really needed to know if it was true so he really started to pray. Two days later we passed by his house. He didn´t answer but instead hid from us :P He prayed again for the missionaries to come by, and two days latter we came back and he let us in. I honestly cannot say that I felt a distinct impression to go to his house but the circumstances allowed for us to be in the area and we passed by not knowing that we were the answer to this young mans prayers. This Sunday he started his misison papers with the Bishop :)

"Do your Duty, that is best, leave unto the Lord the rest." President Thomas S. Monson

All is well :)
Elder Hall

P.S I´m officially a temporary Chilean! :P (See attached file!)

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