Friday, August 3, 2012

August 3 2012

DearFriends and Family :)
Thank you for the package! :) It helped alot and made P-day much more enjoyable. As far as Vitamin C goes, I'll be better by the time it gets here; but since it is the cure all, I wouldn't mind getting some before I go to Chile. But before you send any, I need to look in the store they have here and see if they have any. On the same note, when I went in to get the HEP A2 shot this week, they took my temperature. They said that I didn't have a fever but my temp was above average, and since I hadn't been feeling well, they just told me that they would reschedual for next week.
As far as I can tell dearelder is quite reliable. I don't know when you sent your dearelder letter, but I got it on August 2nd.
So, what happened with the fridge?!?
Tell Rachelle I'm jealous of her Harry Potter Birthday Party, but at the same time she should be jealous of my 9 hours of class every day :P
Despite what Gary said to me about hating the MTC after being here for 3 weeks, I really don't mind it. That's probably because I'm a Blue/White and he is a Yellow. I like structure a bit more than he does :P But to be compleatly honest, I would rather be out in Chile actually doing the work; even though I know barley enough Spanish to teach the first 4 lessons entirely in Spanish. I've got this really cool scripture notating technieque that I got from my teacher. I'll have to send you a picture because I can't explain it very well.
Father; you know how you were always getting on my case about saying 'like' a ton? Well, you wouldn't be able to stand this Elder in my district. He says it so much and the habit is so ingrained in him that in the middle of a sentence in Spanish he will stop and say 'like.' haha
I love the accelerated rate at which the spirit can teach us :) When I came into the MTC I could barely bare my testimony or say a prayer, but now I can do both with enough conviction for the spirit to be felt through my words. Not only that, but I have learned so much about the gospel and the temple and how to teach. Now the hard part is applying it all and using it in my life. I know I can with the help of the spirit and the help of prayers. This week while I was sick, I was so tired and doing TALL was really really hard to focus on and to stay awake for. But I would push myself not wanting to waste a minute of the Lord's time and just when I felt like I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore I thought of the prayers that were being said for me and I felt the power of those prayers and it revitalized me and my efforts to learn :) So thank you for your prayers, they have helped me stay awake and learn quickly thought the spirit :) Thank you :)
Sweet, thank you for the update! I sent Stephen Peterson a little mail today in with the note I sent to his mom.
I love you Mother :)

All is well :)
Elder Hall

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