Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21 2012

Dear Family and Friends! :)
First off, Mother, if you want me to get the most out of my MTC e-mailing time, you sould write me on and they will print it out and give it to me. It's free and that way I won't spend ten minutes reading the 6 emails you send me throughout the week :P Anyone else feel free to write me on
Thank you for sharing your experience with the gift of tongues. I know what that's like. I had a similar experience. I had the opportunity to act as an investigator while two of my teachers taught me completely in Spanish. One of the teachers is Brother Monroe. 76% of the time I can not understand what he is saying; but as I sat there, I felt the spirit descend on me as he was teaching. I was then able to understand 98% of what he said and was able to answer his questions in ways that I didn't think I knew how. It was pretty awesome!
The Temple opened back up this week! So I was able to attend a session this morining for P-day :) Then I came back to my room and took a nice nap for an hour and a half since I was feeling a little under the weather. Then I did laundry and wrote letters. Now I'm writing you guys and will be going to dinner. Then right back in to studying Spanish and how to teach - like every day here.
Mother, It would be really awesome if you could send me one more pair of P-Day clothes. Preferably a pair of shorts and a shirt so I can have something to wear on P-day while I'm washing all my other clothes so I don't look weird in jeans and a white button up :P Not the best look (Sorry to inform you Father :P )!
Yes I heard about the Batman shooting. Some elder from Colorado had gotten a dearelder from his family that day so I knew the day it happend. For some reason he remembered I was from Colorado as well and he told me about it and by the end of the day everyone else in the CCM knew about it. So even though I'm in a bubble here at the CCM some things get through :P
Is Stephen [Peterson] getting my e-mails? If he isn't then tell him to write me (on dearelder if he doesn't want to pay for the stamps :P) and tell me why is papers aren't in yet?!? And by the way, frosties from Wendy's work wonders when you have your wisdom teeth taken out - plus Chips are a bad Idea.
Someone go on to and see if you can find the firesides from the MTC? They are amazing! I'm glad I get to enjoy one every Sunday and Tuesday :) No apostles yet but I still have my fingers crossed :P This Sunday we had an awesome fireside on the power of music! We spent and hour on the hymn "Come Come Ye Saints." It is quite a powerful hymn when you have 2000 missionaries singing "All is well, All is well" considering the previous things that the song talks about. It talks about even dying in the work and still All is well :)
se que esta inglesia es verdadera, y por medio de el expiacion podemos llegar a ser limpio :)
[rough translation: I know the church is true and through the atonement we can become clean.]
Elder Hall :)

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