Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9 2012

Dear Friends and Family :)
So you know how Father says that thing about the Mexican finger snaps and missions. If you can do it with one hand... two hands... two hands and a foot... and two hands and two feet. Well, lets just say I learned how to snap my fingers with one hand this week :/ So that will be different. I wrote that way so that those who have ears to hear will hear. [one hand = DL; two hands = ZL; two hands and one foot = AP; two hands and two feet = get sent home for playing around]
Yes, I got your dearelder Mother and I got Brother Stoehr's as well. As far as Ryan and Rachelle, no I haven't heard anything from them via dearelder unless it is sitting in the mailbox right now. I haven't picked it up yet.
No, I didn't get my Hep. A shot this week. I am feeling much better though. I can get the Hep. A2 shot any week between now and when I leave, so it's not that important. But, I will get it done whenever they put a notice in my mailbox again.
Well at least the fridge thing is helping you get rid of the junk in the basement :P With all off Gary and Laura's stuff moved out and a bunch of junk gone out of the basement, there must be tons of room down there now :P Did the water get into any of the food storage that was under there on those shelves?
I'll be looking for Grandma and Grandpa that week then. [Harold & Ima Jean Oaks enter the MCT on Sept. 3rd. They are going to the Washington DC North Mission] The CCM is a small enough place that you basically see everyone that you know within a week. For example, I saw Elder Forbes the first day he arrived! I remember that :P - everything was so new and strange :P Now I'm enjoying my time and everything is routine and I'm in the grove. I really want to Go to Chile though!
So here at the CCM we get the opportunity to teach our teachers as they play a roll of an investigator that they had on their missions. Also we get the opportunity to teach members at the TRC(teaching resource center) a lesson. Also we get the opportunity to have a "progressing investigator" at the TRC. This native speaker "investigator" is a member of the church who is a paid 'actor' to act like they did before they were converted. Well our investigator is named Gabrile and he lived in Santigo Chile for the first 22 years of his life. He said that every year he travels down to Vina del Mar and Valpariso during some of the festivals! Just hearing the way he talked about how much he loved the city and the people and the food and the fireworks during New Years in the bay between the two cities made me very anxious to get down to Chile! I'm sure my investigator could tell too because of the stupid giant grin on my face the whole time :P Also my teacher Hermano Arnold went to Rancagua(hysi) on his mission and he was there during that huge earthquake where the miners got traped in the mine for 2 months and he said that it was the most terrifying thing in his life; but it was a good experience. By the way he described it, it makes me think of how it must have felt when the angle of the Lord appeared to Alma the younger as he was going about destroying the church :/ But the big ones only happen every 20ish years so I shouldn't have to go though that.
Okay, so my roommates just got their travel plans and it made me start thinking about tavelling and preparing for all that stuff. It would probably be a good idea for you to send me the vitamin C before I leave but not right now :P Also, how do you exchange money? And where? I have to pay for the bags that I'm taking and then the church will reimburse me later. So on that note, I need to know how much is left in my account after the mission money is all gone. So I can have a budget of my emergency cash. It should be something like 200 ish.
Thank you for those last two spiritual thoughts :) It is amazing to be here in the MTC and really be taught by the spirit or "have my understanding quickened." It really has been made faster. The Spirit can help us in all aspects of our lives and help us accomplish what we need to, even learn a language, or sometimes help you even if you haven't learned it to say what you need to. I know I'm doing the Lord's work. I just hope I'm up to the task :)
All is well,
Elder Hall

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