Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20 2012

Hey Family and Friends! :)
It is going great!! I still know nothing, but I am receiving lots of help from the Lord and the spirit especially with the language. Even the beginners class has to teach the first week completely in Spanish but they just suck at it more :P They just want everyone to be completely immersed in the language as fast as possible. None of my teachers talk to me in English at all and this the same for the beginners class as well, which can be quite frustrating at times. :\
The CCM is such a small world that I've seen everyone that I know :P I've seen Elder Rockwood, Sister Jones, my roommate from BYU, Elder Self, and quite a few guys from my BYU ward. I've seen Bennett Forbes, Alec Rockwood and Andrew Pack who are all teaching up here.
Elder West (my companion) is from Sandy, Utah and no he isn't related to those guys (Don or Jim West, who were singing buddies of Grandpa Farley). Companionship study can be a little difficult with a yellow :P (Color Code - yellows like fun) Food helps though - hahaha.
Yeah we basically spend 10 hours of our 16 hour days in the same room every day studying with teachers, by ourselves, and with our companions. Another 3 hours in the cafeteria, 1 for gym, 1 for TALL (Technology Assisted Language Learning), and then 1 at the very end of the day for "personal time" where you can shower, study, and workout. But you're not suppose to write letters till P-Day which I didn't know last week oops :/ - but I know now. We spend a ton of time with our district, it's kinda like a second family :P My P-Day is on Fridays and they are glorious :P It's nice to be able to rest for a day (Which is a devine principle :P ).
The language is coming but I'm defiantly learning and forcing myself to speak it as much as possible. It's hard to understand the native speakers that are here. For example, while I was challenging my 'investigator' to be baptized she said, "Do you think I will be ready to be baptized by then?" But I thought she said. "I don't think I'll be ready to be baptized by then." So then I kinda placed a doubt in her with my response, that I then had to resolve. But I'm learning and I've got the most problems with conjugating verbs in the right tense and form. So I sound like a two year old when I talk but I can be understood at least :P
Why doesn't Bobby have AC in his condos? Wouldn't that be kinda a deal breaker? I'm sure Gary would try and get his money back on that one :P But tell him congrats on the promotion.
hahaha That sounds just like Ryan :P but I doubt his is going to write me about it. But I'm sure it was interesting and a good learning experience for him. (Ryan drew and won straws to kill and process a goat at Woodsmoke: 1890 - 1920 Traditional Camping Convention.)
I hope Rachelle is better by now! And Keith (Uncle Keith Farley) with his surgery (Quadruple Bypass) :/ That should be toady so I will keep him in my prayers.
Good luck being back at work! Fun fun, how is it being empty nesters basically for real now? :P I'm glad you could take me to the MTC too, it was good :) I saw a noobie being dropped off this Wednesday and his mom was acting just like you :P - it made me smile :)
Tell Brother Stoehr that I'd gladly have 'Stoehr Syndrom' while here at the MTC!
Times up
Love yall!
Elder Hall


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