Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Dear Family and friends :)

Cultural Note:

Everything stops for the World Cup except the missionaries. Normally there are always Micros(buses) and Colectivos(taxis of some sort) always in motion all day everyday, but during the first game where Chile played there was no public transportation and hardly anyone in the street. Even though we were in the street we still knew exactly when Chile scored a goal because tons of people opened their doors/windows to yell and make noise.
This is how Chileans speak spanish (see attached photo) Cachaí


So this week Elder Lynn G Robbins came to the mission and we had a 3 hour question and answer session that was very spiritually edifying. Surprisingly he talked A LOT about marriage and I felt like I was in a BYU YSA stake conference again :P He also talked about how we should pray, that we should be obedient not only in acts but also in our hearts and desires, and how the spirit works in our lives. It was great.

All is well :)

Elder Hall


Yup, hahaha - I remember Elder Bent (from Lewistown Montana) :P I'll have to tell the story when I get back.

You guys are like real grandparents now :P because you have more than one grandchild and no children living with you haha [We actually have Ryan and Beth living with us, and soon to have Mark :) Guess the Grandparent title is still questionable :)]

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