Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014


I´m sending this for a second time because I sent three photos with the first one and before hand the email didn`t get to you guys.

Dear Friends and Family :)

This week I gained a stronger testimony of fasting and prayer. God really does listen to our prayers and he answers them if we pray with faith(action). After Consejo Presidente wants us to put even a larger emphasis in the Book of Mormon and in the supplication (the prayer before we leave the apartment). So in the suplica I asked that we would be able to find someone elect that day that would accept the Book of Mormon. Later that day we went to go visit Michelle a recent convert and her dad had finished working early that day and was home (weird) so we asked if he wanted to join us for the retention lesson that we were going to teach Michelle and he said yes (even more weird). So we basically end up teaching him, He accepted a Book of Mormon and the invitation to be baptized! (not weird at all because it was an answer to my prayer). The whole family came to church this week :) I know that God prepares the way for people to accept his gospel, It was the example of Michelle that softened the heart of her parents. And all of this was an answer to my fast for more faith. Sometimes to recognize the answers to our prayers we just have to meditate on what has happened during the day to see Gods hand in our lives.

All is well :)

Elder Hall

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