Friday, February 14, 2014

February 17, 2014

Feb. 17, 2014

Dear Friends and Family :)

Congrats Ryan and Beth! :)

Cultural Note:

The concept of Mormon time is applicable here as well; but what they do is that if they start 15 minutes late they end 15 minutes late instead of ending on time.


This week we had an area conference with all the stakes in the Sur America Sur Area! Elder Cook from the 12 apostles presided the conference. There were some great talks on how to have a counsel and that families should be based on the same concept of counsels.The principles that they talked about were:

1. Everyone participates

2. Don't criticize the ideas of others

3. Use the time allotted and no more (follow an agenda)

4. Unanimous decisions or acceptance from everyone

After the conference we had the baptism of Camilo. After a few technical difficulties, it all ended up well and you could feel the spirit of the ordinance which was awesome because there were six investigators attending the baptism from the whole zone :)

All is well,

Elder Hall

PS. I decided that I should apply to be an RA for this semester/year. It's the smart and prudent decision economically. Plus after reading my patriarchal blessing, I think being an RA would help me fulfil some of the blessings that are in there.

I doubt I´m going to ever get to go to Casa Blanca because that is a sector for sister missionaries :P

When is the date to start signing up for classes? I do believe that I am going to be able to do that.


A service project we did with the ward mission leader and his wife and some other members of the ward

Camilo Hormazabal with his brother Gabriel Hormazabal (the returned missionary from Brazil)

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