Friday, February 7, 2014

February 3, 2014

Dear Friends and Family :)

     This week was excellent. The start of a new transfer made Elder Powner and I evaluate our goals. We set various new goals and made plans to accomplish them. The whole week when I remembered my goals I was more excited to work.

We have been working a ton with the stake leaders to help the stake get moving with member missionary work.  At the end of some meetings I felt frustrated and at the end of others I felt very excited to work. I realized that the meetings that I left frustrated were the meeting that we just talked about the problems we saw but never came to a solution.  And the meeting that I left excited to work were the meetings where we left with an assignment and something we could verify the next meeting. This principle is very simple and somewhat obvious; but long story short, we put this in practice on Sunday and it was amazing to see the ward begin to get excited as well.  We made goals and plans with the bishop, the ward mission leader, the elders quorum president, and the relief society president to help people come to Christ!!

     Another Reason this week was excellent was because our ward finally called a ward mission leader after 6 weeks of not having one. AND he asked us to train him so we were able to train him on how Preach My Gospel and Manual 2 says that he should do his duties. (Did you know that on the church website they have videos based on Manual 2 and PMG to train ward mission leaders and ward missionaries?).  Our ward mission leader has such a strong testimony and is so humble that I'm very excited to work with him!!

     We started Teaching English classes this week to see if we can find new investigators that way.  One member brought a non member friend but for the moment doesn't want anything to do with religion.

     This week also arrived a missionary from Brazil, who finished his mission. Before he was released he set a baptismal date with his little brother - hahaha.  He didn´t want anything the last time we talked to him, but his brother was able to soften his heart. We have been blessed by the Lord.

All is well,
Elder Hall

PS.  I'm in the Aldebaran Ward. It's right next to Pais de Gales. It's possible that Pais de Gales is going to return to attend in our building now that the other one is done being remodeled, so I might get to see all my converts every Sunday :D

Elder Powner is applying to BYU and he said that the deadline for admissions was Feb 1st so... whats the progress with that?

I received this e-mail from Scott Self (my old roommate at BYU).  I would love to room with him again but the only question is money.

Hello Elder Hall!

How are you doing? I hope everything has been going well and you're seeing all the blessings of the Lord in this work.

Now, not to distract you or make you trunky, but my mom and another missionary's mom got in contact and found a place for housing at BYU. It's directly south of campus, at the bottom of the hill, and it's about $270 a month. Would that be good for you? If so, that would be great and we can be roommates again!

If that's good for you, you should probably have your parents get in contact with my mom so that they can set everything up. My mom's e-mail address is and her phone number is 206-850-6769. I'll let her know that your parents might get in touch with her.

Well, I hope your finding joy in the journey. Keep it up!

Elder Scott Self

The thought crossed my mind to be an RA when I get back so that I don`t have to pay board (I also heard that they include a meal plan in the wages?).  So could you look into that?  Also what do you think about me not going to school in September but when the next semester starts so I can work and get money to pay for it because I want to graduate debt free.  I`ve also thought about changing my major to architecture or engineering; but I haven`t thought too much about it - just so you know.

Elder Hall

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