Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013
Dear Family and Friends :)Cultural Notes:
     There is a cultural dance here in Chile for independence day called "la cueca."  I took a video of the member dancing at the ward activity, but don´t know if it will fit as an attachment.
     Also for Independence Day, Elder Jarpa and Elder Gatica (Chileans) told me that if your house doesn´t have a flag flying the cops can give you a fine and the same thing with your car.  I didn´t really believe them, but almost every single house has a flag flying.  The church put up three.

This is my last P-Day in the Office.  This Wednesday I´ll be transferred somewhere else.  I don´t know where, but the president told me it's a place very blessed.   So my next P-day will be on Monday (Sept. 30th).

There is no growth in the comfort zone :P   It is necessary that we are put in difficult situations to be able to grow.  My experience in the office has been full of difficult experiences; but I´m grateful for the experiences to grow.
I don´t know Elder Carvalho personally.  I´ve never been in the same zone as him, but I´ve talked to him a few times on the phone for financial matters. Are they twins?  Small world!  (Elder Carvalho's younger brother is serving in the Arvada 1st Ward.  He was on exchanges the other night and came to home teach Kent and I with Brother Scott Horsley.)
This week a sister missionary came to the office, I had met her at the beginning of my mission in Pais de Gales.  When she saw me she said, "Elder Hall!  Do you remember when you arrived to the mission and your face was all full of pimples?"  hahaha   Well, thanks for putting it so nicely!  But I took it to be a complement that now my face isn't all full of pimples now.
No.  I´ve never been to a vineyard, but they are defiantly beautiful.   The vineyard reminded me of the Hidden Valley Ranch pictures.
Do I exercise every day?  No.  For example, yesterday in stead of exercising I went to Santiago with President Kähnlein.  But normally, yes I exercise.

Yesterday a sister missionary had to be taken to Santiago to go home for surgery.   We also needed to pick up the new missionaries coming in from the Mexico MTC.  President Kähnlein was going to take her but not alone, so I was his companion for the trip.  It was awesome to talk to president for an hour and a half while he drove us to Santiago.  Plus we contacted a man at a gas station.
This week I found myself sweeping carpet in the Chapel because we didn´t have keys to get the vacuum out and the church needed to be cleaned.  It was our turn to clean the church.  It is not an easy thing to sweep carpet and I was a little frustrated.  I asked myself why am I doing this?   And the words of my father came to my mind:

"I slept and dreamt that life was joy
 I woke and found that life was duty
 I acted and behold duty is joy"

All is well,
Elder Hall

Chile Vina del Mar Mission
4 Norte 1112
Casilla 631
Vina del Mar
Valparaiso, CHILE
I heard about the naval yard shooting from a man who lived in the United States for 25 years (2 years in Aurora, Colorado).
I hope the government shuts down Obamacare.
The water has been cut two or three times during my mission.  It's different when one is so accustomed to having it on tap.  All will be well :)
If I remember right the street vender in the photo I sent last week is selling chirimoya.  I don´t know what bana means.  I´d have to see it to know the context.
A Virgencita is a false idol that Catholics pray to.  Sometimes they make pacts with it called "mandas," to get answers to their prayers.

 Foto from lunch with a member family in Viña - GREAT VIEW

 Flags for the 18th

 Bandera de Chile

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