Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013
Dear Family and Friends :)
Cultural Note:
There was a presidente of Chile who's wife was from Texas.  She designed the flag...  coincidence.. I think not  :P At least that's what I heard.  See Texas and Chile Flag below:  (*Mark was born in Texas.) 

I´m with Elder Benevente, an Elder from Peru.  He kinda looks like Will Smith :P  I´ll send a picture.
I returned to my First stake: Villa Alemana Oeste.  But this time instead of the Pais de Gales Ward,  I`m in the Troncal Sur Branch. It is very weird to return because I also had many interchanges in Troncal Sur and I know some of the members already and some of them remember me. This week was also the service week or something like that for the city so we went as a church to do service.  Me, my companion, the Elders Quorum President, the branch President and his wife were the only ones who showed up to the service activity, so the stake sent us members of the other wards to help us with out part.  It just so happened that they sent members from Pais de Gales to help us and I got to see a lot of the members and one of my converts there which was very pleasing to see.  Also this week at church I got to see a member from Pais de Gales that I reactivated.  He now has a stake calling - that was awesome to see as well. Seeing the people I came to love in Pais de Gales still active and serving in activities or in their calling was a very special experience that brightened my whole week.
All is well
Elder Hall
Elder Benevente and I at the service project in Villa Allemana Centro
Elder Hall with member of Pais de Gales Ward.

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