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March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013
Dear Family and Friends :)

Cultural Notes:
As far as I´ve seen in Chile, you never serve yourself. The serving size is always given to you which sometimes can be a little difficult :P As we have lunch each day with the members, I´ve been noticing that the older the family is, the more the wife/mother acts like a waiter for the meal. Today infact, one of the oldest members I´ve seen didn´t even eat with us. She just served us and said she would eat later. But I also see the opposite with the young families.

It's turing to fall now and the leaves are falling off the trees but the temperature still isn´t changing much. Hopefully it stays that way :P I feel sorry for Steve over there in England freezing in the snow.
No rats in our apartments. I've only seen one rat in the time that I've been here and it was in a heap of trash outside of an old house. Other than that, the creepiest things in Chile are the spiders, but you never see them.

Everyday in the mission is invaluable. Everyday I learn something or have an experience with some principal of the gosple. Honestly I´m probably going to forget the details of all the small experiences, but they still have strengthend my testimony over time: line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little. I was thinking about this and I realized my experiences in the mission are just the natural consequences of divine laws. There is no reason why after my mission I can´t continue learning just like I am in the mission. Obviously there is a change of responsibilities but the divine laws stay the same, and all of the blessings and learning are based on obedience and sacrifice. Knowing that, we know how to be happy :)
All is well, we just had zone conference yesterday, so we pushed P-day to today.

Tell Laura Thank You for the Blog. I´m going to love that when I get home :) I can´t enjoy it just yet since we aren't allowed on other websites :P She can link the navajo tacos post to her blog so it's more credible for google or something like that :P
WHOOOOO!! Congrats :) [Gary and Laura are expecting a baby in October!]

All is well :)
Elder Hall

P.S. I forgot my camera this week so no pictures :(

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