Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8, 2013

 Dear Friends and Family :)

Cultrual Notes:
Almost every building that I can think of has tile or hardwood floors - mostly tile. It makes things really handy when you have to clean up, but it really traps in the cold and in the morning that's not cool at all :P It's really sad but I miss carpet. Hahaha, such a simple thing.
Every Wednesday we travel to Olmue for district meeting by the metro/train. People on the metro play music and then ask for money... technically it's illegal; but this guy was pretty good, so I took a picture :P
Lunch from "La osa Loca" :) Really good hamburger! It had a beef patty, bacon, ham, guac, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cheese and a ton of ketchup and mayonnaise :P All for $4. (See Picture)

I'm sending a picture of us (Elders Peterson, Lucero, and De Carlo) at a service project, Digging a ditch behind the house of a member so he can build a wall.
OH my goodness conference was awesome!! :) Is Tyler Stoher in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?
The theme that I got out of conference this year is that we are in the last days. The calamities foretold will come: war, rumors of wars, death, pestilence, famine, persecution. Be what it may, BUT we can have peace through Jesus Christ and His commandments. If we follow his simple commandments our families will be protected. We will have the spirit to protect us, guide us, console us and teach us. How better can we show our love to our family, friends, and acquaintances than to share this peace (gospel= good news) with them!

This week I set a goal to write in my journal every day. To help myself with that, I finished the sentance "I felt the spirit today...." Everyday of the week it made me realize how we can witness little miracles everyday if we look for them.

All is Well,
Elder Hall

PS. The name of Steve Rockwood's old employee is Felipe Amsteine(sp) - something like that, hahah.
PSS. Did Ryan create his own business for Between The Rivers? Cool!! I would totaly go if I was in the states :)

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