Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22 2012

Dear Family and Friends :)

Cultural Notes:
I´ve been noticing that there are a lot of Merry Christmass signs and lights still up :P I asked about it and the members told me that people never take those decorations down becasue they are lazy :P
There are tiny stores all over the place - just people selling out of their garages. Because of this, the smell of fresh baked bread is everywhere! :) It's awesome usuallly, but really distracting when you are fasting :P
Also there are playgrounds everywhere. When I say playgrounds, there are one or two items for a plaground in a small area. There are a bunch of these areas all over the place, so there are always little kids around with thier parents (great for contacting)!
I ran into a guy this week that believes there is a world organization that is secretly trading water for technology :P That was an interesting encounter.

So during the earthquake, I was in a members house. No damage was caused to thier house, but the phones stopped working for a couple hours. The power went out in other areas, but nothing major.

Stephen: Congrats on entering the Temple! And no, I didn´t catch everything the first time, or the second time, or the third time, or the :P ... it's a learning process :)
Bo: Keep following the path you're on :) It will bring blessings.
Both of you look for a letter from me! Stephen I hope it gets there before you go into the MTC.
Jessie: HI to you too!! :P (You can read the letter I wrote to Bo :P)

I´ve finished my first transfer! Elder Lastra and I are staying here in Villa Alemana Oeste to finish my "training."

So this week we had the opportunity to have a mission conference with Elder Oaks! It was awesome! He did something I never would have expected. After commenting on a few things about what the speakers before him said, he then said, "I want you to tell me what you know about revelation, and if the spirit directs, I´ll share some of my experiences and insights." We then continued to share and edify each other as is described in D&C 50.
He also said something that I love, "If people ask you what is the difference between the people of your church and others I suggest this response: ´We are followers of Jesus Christ.'" There is a difference between believing and following Christ. If we believe in Jesus Chirst, we have Hope. But If we have Faith in Jesus Chirst we ACT acordingly: we attend our meetings, we serve in our callings, and we repent daily to become more like him.
Elder Oaks said "If someone does not have a testimony that this is the only true church of Jesus Christ, they do not have a testimony." He also said, "If we are not reciving the ordanance of the sacrament every Sunday we are not being converted." I was a little surprized at this. Growing up I took the sacrament lightly becasue I received it every Sunday, and it was just something that we did on Sunday. But from the words of Elder Oaks, I need to repent and make the sacrament an integral part in my worship.
Thank you mother! Te Amo tanto!! :) I´m still working on trying to send pictures.

All is Well,
Elder Hall

Romans 10:17 - "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

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