Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14 2012

Dear Friends and Family :)

Cultural note(s):
EARTHQUAKE!! Thursday this week was an earthquake :P One of the weirdest moments of my life :P But as the chileans say it was just a `tremble´ not an earthquake :P Where I was it was a 5.7 so nothing big; but still it was an experience that I will never forget. It lasted about a minute and a half. I couldn´t tell if I was being shook up and down or side to side but the earth was doing something that it's not supposed to :P But that's one item crossed off my bucket list :P
Chilean food is bland :P But they have `chori-pan´ which is basically a pig in a blanket but with a brawt instead of a hot dog which is really good. The Empinadas are good too, if they are made right; but sometimes you just got to eat what's in front of you :P Luckly though I haven´t gotten sick from the water or food here :)

I´m very excited to hear all the news from home :)
Stephen: I´m proud of you :) (Going to the temple on Wednesday)
Kim: That's awesome you made that dicision (going on a mission). I´m proud of you too :)
Ryan: Your life sounds so fun, but I wouldn´t trade you right now :P We will see in two years though haha.
Ellie still looks precious :)
Mother: Good work with the missionary moment! :)

Oh I forgot to put in my last e-mail what I thought the theme of conference was: SERVICE! I love how even though the speakers are not given a topic to speak on, there is usually an over arching theme for confrence :) We all need to serve! Serve your children, serve your spouse, serve in your callings and your quorums, serve your neighbor. And by doing this, you will serve the Lord and He will know that you love Him. But also you will better your character and be more happy in this life.
OH and make sure to serve your home teaching families! It's important!

All is well :) And yes mother, I have bedding and I´m warm at night. Don't worry about me, I´m in the service of the Lord :)
Elder Hall

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