Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Dear Family and Friends :)

Cultual Note:
Usually the missionaries in this mission have a ´mamita´ to wash the clothes for us. I never appreciated how much time we saved until I had to wash and iron my own clothes :P

I have no clue what Peña Blanca means, it's White something :P We are officially moving into the new apartment today at 5 now that it's all painted. This Ward is Great! There are about 250 people attending every week, and they just called 13 ward missionaries that we are working with now.
The cake didnt´t have candles :P It was just a cake and they took a video of me taking a bite out of it :P Yes I got your package :) Thank you, and I love you :) I would have gotten it tomorrow; but since I live with the zone leaders until today, I got it early hehe. I hope I don´t have to pay customs to get the other package you sent :P oh well.

Elder Peterson, my companion, is from Snowflake, Arizona. He says his Spanish is "deplorable" but it's not that bad :P But I´ve actually seen changes and growth in his personality and Spanish just after 2 weeks :) So all is going good for now, sometimes he gets this really concerned look on his face when the Chileans start talking real fast, so I just tell him "don´t worry, be happy" :P

Life looks so simple as a missionary :P
The purpose of life: Become converted to Christ and help others do the same.
What is conversion? Consistantly choosing the right!
"When agency is righteously exercised, the conversion process happens exponentially."
Looking at life at its basics in this way can help us make the decisions that seem to be more complicated.

All is well :)
Elder Hall
PS. Attached is a picture of my B-day cake!

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