Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6, 2013

Dear Friends and Family :)

Cultural Notes:
Divorce didn´t exsist legally in Chile until 2006! Obviously people have seperated before 2006, but you literally couldn´t break the marriage contract for anything before then.
When the people here say "agua" it usually means pop instead of water :P The other day we were in the house of an investigator and their 2 year old son said, "I want water." They proceeded to give him Orange Fanta :P
My companion was feeling a little under the weather this week, so we stoped in one of the little stores that are all over the place in the neighborhoods and bought a single pill of the equivilent of advil. As we left, a thought of the kind of face a store clerk would give me if I tried to buy one advil :P Here they sell everything in smaller portions. You can buy what you need for just the day because there are the tiny stores all over the place.
If you sneeze people think you're sick and getting a cold.

This week I was humbled. We found a less active that didn´t appear in the records of the ward and her family. She let us in because she wanted us to teach her daughter, who is 6, who God is. The second time we came we taught: Who is Jesus Christ? It was surprisingly difficult to simply discribe God and Jesus Christ. At the end we ended with God is our Heveny Father and Jesus Christ is our Savior. I felt so dumb not really knowing how to explain the basics of the Gosple simply to a 6 year old. We are hoping that because we are teaching the daughter the family will come back into/join the fold. The dad seemed to be touched when his daughter offered the clossing prayer, so we will see what happens.

All is well,
Elder Hall

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