Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Dear Family and Friends :)

Cultural Notes:
Here the mail is delivered by people on bikes instead of in cars. The bikes have a little basket infront and in back of the bike. Usually people say they feel bad for the missionaries out in the sun all day; but I feel bad for them. We at least go inside to teach and the people usually offer us something to drink.
This week I met a family of Gypsies! They said that there are a lot of gypsies in Chile becasue after the first world war, when their culture was being dispersed, a lot of them could survive in Chile because there is only one poisonous animal, a spider that likes the cold and doesn´t get near humans usually. Also the gypsies have a different language that they speak, but it sounds like gibberish to me. Haha
So these last two weeks have been full of changes. Elder Peterson went home on terms of his health. They don´t know what's wrong with his kidneys; but he was peeing blood so they sent him home. Now Elder Lopez is my companion. He is from Mexico, Vera Cruz. He was in ViƱa before this in a trio so now it all works out evenly. He speaks the language and has been in the mission for a year and 4 months so the work is going a bit smoother now :P

So this week an investigator was having problems not drinking tea. As she tried to quit drinking Tea, she realized that it really was an addiction she had that was taking away a portion of her agency. So this Saturday we had a fast with them for the purpose of quiting drinking tea. When she came to church the next day she said she didn't have the desire to drink tea the whole day! Even when her daughter served herself a big glass of tea right next to her just to spite her :P
So one of my Zone leaders right now is Elder Kimball, who is also from Colorado, who´s dad also happens to be a temple worker who works on Wendsdays as the veil cordinator, so you might run into him. His name is Mark too :P

The Gosple is true! All you have to do is live it to find out. :)

All is well :)
Elder Hall

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