Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9, 2012

Dear Friends and Family :)

Cultural Notes:
The fanny pack is in style! :P Many people in the town use fanny packs. Also many use it not around the waste but over one shoulder so that the pocket is right in front and so it's harder to steal from :P
Here the name for Santa Clause is "El Viejito Pascuero" or in English "the little old Easter man" :P It made me laugh when one of the members who knows English asked me what the Easter man gave me for Christmas :P A lot of the people here try to talk to me in English. But this week, as we were doing contacts in the street, one man said, "Nichu michu." He didn't want anything to do with the gospel. When he walked away, I asked my compainion what Nichu michu means; and he said that the man was trying to say "nice to meet you" :P
Thank you for the packages Mother. Yes, I received them with everything inside. They weren´t opened or anything. I have the nativity bell carving that Father made hung up; but the one you sent me for Halloween I´m going to give as a gift to the family that we use their house to contact you for Christmas :P I don´t need two Nativities :P But we haven't been told anything about how or when we can make our calls. I think we will be told on the 19th during Zone Conference. This week I´m sending short letters back for the whole family for Christmas; but I'm sending them all in the same envelope to not waste money. And I don't know the addresses for everyone; so Mother, you're going to have to distribute them. Please :)
It's interesting how this week Stephen and I both received an appreciation for Enos. The story of Enos is short and simple; but we can apply it in our lives easily, and in the lives of our investigators. He shared an experience about how he just saw a scripture in his mind. This week while reading Enos a few words specifically stuck out to me and wouldn´t leave my mind. Later that day in a lesson, our investigator used the same words and I was able to relate the story of Enos. The BOM really is wirtten for our day and we can receive revelation through those scriptures. There is nothing written in the scriptures that is not for our benefit :)
I can´t believe that tomorrow I´ve been out for 5 months already! Thats almost a fourth of my mission!?!?! That's impossible. I feel like I got out of the Expedition a week ago! I´m realizing that time is one of the resources I have on my mission and for the rest of my life. Everything we do is a decission of how we are going to spend our time. I have Chosen to spend 2 years of my life Serving a mission. I´ve realized that I can spend two years serving a mission, or I can spend two years serving the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I have consecrated these two years to do excatly that, but what good would it do me if after these two years I stop giving my Will to the Lord? Or, if during these two yeras I serve, but withhold my will? In reality not much.

So How are you spending your time?

All is well,
Elder Hall

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