Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Dear friends and family :)

Cultrual Notes:
Surprisingly, here in Chile, the people don´t eat fish very often. From what I hear, fish is one of their big exports and almost all of the fish that are caught are exported, so fish is expensive.
Chileans love Mexicans :P
It certainly doesn´t feel like Christmas when it's hot outside :P This Christmas is going to be very weird. The Chileans celebrate it on the 24th in the night until 2 or 3 in the morning instead of in the morning.

Haha, no thanks mother, I don´t need your fanny pack :P
I love the picture of Ellie with Santa :P

For the Christmas Call we are going to be using Skype on the 25th. I should be calling around 8 o´clock which would be 5 o´clock there. We will get more information on the 19th about the Christmas call and I´ll tell you the final details on the 24. I think it will be like a P-day so that we can cordinate any final details.

This week in Stepehen's letter he said that he feels like he has been in the MTC for so long! Hahaha It's true, the MTC drags on and on; but when you get to the field you realize how fast the time really goes by :P I can´t believe I´ve already been out 5 Months!
This week was pretty awesome :) One of the reasons is because I saw the truth of the phrase "the feild is white already to harvest." We were in a Family Home Evening with a less active family. The oldest son's girlfriend, Natalia, who we had previously given a Book of Mormon, was there as well. At the begining of the FHE, the family were all chatting amongst each other. Elder Lastra, Natalia and I were kinda out of the loop a little bit, so Elder Lastra and I took advantage of the moment to ask Natalia if she had read the Book of Mormon. She said yes, so we asked if she had prayed about it. She said yes, and at this point the spirit descended over the three of us like a bubble leaving the rest of the family chatting. We asked what she felt or what she experienced. She started to cry and just said that it was very personal between her and God, but she knew that the Book of Mormon is good. At this point the boyfriend, who to this point hadn´t been part of the conversation, only sees that his girlfriend is crying :P... I was like shoot; but it was all good. She lives outside of our sector so we have to pass the reference off to the sisters; but really the Lord and the Holy Ghost are constantly preparing people all the time. We just need to find them and ask the right questions.

All is well,
Elder Hall

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