Tuesday, July 15, 2014

June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Dear Friends and Family :)

This week was a good week Diego got baptized! He had to make a lot of changes in his life but he has such a big desire to change his life around and do what is right that he was able to do it. To me he is a testimony of agency, he chose to do what is right even though the rest of his environment was against him. His family kicked him out of his house 1 day before his baptism but he still chose get baptized anyway! A family of members that Diego knew from beforehand took him into their house :)

Sometimes I feel like I could write a book about all my experiences for all missionaries to help them and prepare them for the mission but then I remember what my Father taught me about the temple: A personal experience in the temple is more valuable than 1000 people telling you about it. I believe it's the same about a mission, you just have to experience it.

All is well :)

Elder Hall
PS. Yes, my clothes will still fit. I bought my mission clothes the same size as the clothes that I left in my box downstairs :P I am fatter, I´m not going to deny that; but my clothes still fit, haha.

Maybe you could send Father to RV to see if the wrestling team is practicing during the summer and if I can practice with them :P Other than that, I´ll just deal with the things as they come.



Baptism of Diego
 Diego Atudillo y Eduardo Velis. Eduardo is the best friend of Diego. When Diego's parents kicked him out of the house, he went to go live with Eduardo and his mom who are both members of the church.
Elder Limburg worked for a catering company so he knows how to cook. And every once and a while, he makes me really good food :D
 Center of Villa Alemana - Villa Alemana is know for the windmill (I don´t know why) but I took advantage to take a picture. It's also close to the screen that they put up to watch the world cup.

The government put up a screen in the center of the city to be able to watch the World Cup so I took a pic as we were on our way here to write you guys

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