Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014
Dear Friends and Family :)
This week we started a stand in our area. It's a stand that is taller than we are and it has a question of the soul on it. The instructions that we received is that we are to stand by the stand looking professional and friendly and wait until someone comes and talks to us.  We started to do it this week and I felt like I was fishing...just sitting there with my line in the water haha.  We didn`t have many people come to us; but we do have one appointment next Sunday with a man who came up to us and accepted a Book of Mormon!  This program is taking the majority of our time during the day but we should only get the people who are really interested in the gospel.
Last week we went to Valparaiso to help clean up after the giant fire that happened. When the fires started back up again and they made us evacuate, I felt like I was in a Zombie movie because everyone was running in different directions with masks on to protect their lungs.  Plus it was in a state of emergency so the army was there and the police were all over the place.
All is Well :)
Elder Hall

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