Friday, February 7, 2014

January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry not a lot of time to write this week; but I learned a lot this week. We had interviews with the president.

One story:  My companion Elder Powner is very competitive, so to motivate him I have to make games and point systems to make a competition.  We were almost late getting to the apartment so I started walking just a little bit faster than him and so he sped up, obvious conclusion... We ended up running to the apartment racing (not to be late) but the thing is that we live at the top of a hill. We are running up the hill and my vision the whole time was just to be faster or one step ahead of Elder Powner, so I wasn`t mentally (or physically) prepared to run up a hill.  He got a step or two ahead of me and I lost all motivation to run.  Then the other night we ran into the same situation but I was not to be beat again :P  This time I set my vision on a truck that is normally parked right outside of our house.  This time being mentally prepared I didn`t even feel tired when I got to the truck until I noticed that the truck wasn`t in it's normal place.  It was a few houses farther down than normal.  I wanted to run to the house but my vision was on the truck.  I got to the truck and my mind allowed myself to tire because I was only mentally conditioned until the truck.  So what can we learn from this little story.  Vision is not always the same as our goal; but we have to aline the two of them and we can accomplish our goals!!

Love yall
All is well
Elder hall

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