Monday, October 21, 2013

October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Dear Friends and Family :)

Culture Notes:
     This week I found my favorite food in Chile :)  It's called Pascualina.  It's like a chicken pot pie but not exactly the same because it has sausage instead of chicken :P

Gabriel Illanes wrote:  la bandera de chile y texas son muy parecidas pero es solo coincidencia,la bandera chilena se se mostro izandose el 4 de julio de 1812,mientras que la bandera de texas se mostro por primera vez el 25 de enero de 1839.. 27 years later!!!!! POR LO QUE LA BANDERA CHILENA NO ES COPIA DE NADA. solo coincidencia my friend!..

Mark's translation for me:  hmmm, I was informed I was wrong :P  He corrected what I heard that the Chilean flag was not designed after the Texan flag because the Texan flag came after the Chilean flag.  Thanks Gabriel!

     I forgot to write the theme of General conference last week. The theme that I felt was the central message was: Strengthen your Families, Lift up your brothers and neighbors, Brace yourselves in your testimony because the storm is coming.

FASFA?!?  What do I need to do for that and the Scholarship at BYU?  Could you look into that?  And could you look into when I have to go back to school.  I signed a contract when I postponed my attendance that I would return before a specific semester or forfeit my acceptance at the University. I contacted Scott Self my roommate from my Freshman year and we are most likely going to room together again. I need a job when I get back home to make what I can till I leave.

Transfers are every 6 weeks.  This transfer ends on the 3rd of November.  The missionaries going home should get home the Wednesday after the end of the change. I worked it out once and I should be home the 15th of July 2014.  Your going to have to check that.

I know I need to start planning these things perhaps we can talk a little more detailed in the Skype call in December.

Could you send me a photo of the board you made for genealogy?  There is a sister in my branch that wants to see/copy you :P  (yes I brag about you)

I love you guys
All is well
Elder Hall

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