Monday, April 15, 2013

April 13, 2013

April 13, 2013
Dear Friends and Family :)

Cultural Note:
The bus system here is good but sometimes you just don´t know what bus to take because there are so many of them, especially in Viña. The bus lines hire people to stand in the street and yell where the buses are going and try to get people on thier line of buses. After time you get to learn the number of the buses and you can get around and then the yellers just get annoying :P
So before transfers Elder Peterson told me that I was talking in my sleep and I was doing a contact in Spanish. Then came transfers :P
So for the next six months I´m going to be in the office. The president called me and assigned me to be the next financial secretary. My life as a missionary has just completely changed. The last four days since transfers have been crazy: finishing up the transfers, then the zone council, and dividing a sector so we can start proselytizing in our area. There is a lot of behind the scenes work to get done. So my P-Days are now Saturdays :P
So now my companion is Elder Wardrop. He reminds me of Jim Carry a little bit haha.
Everyone who wears glasses will understand the metaphore I´m about to make. This week I cleaned my glasses for the first time in a long time. I put them on again and it was like putting on a new pair of glasses and you have that "woah... I can see" moment. Perspective is so important in this life. If we have our glasses of faith on, we can see clearly our eternal goals from our earthly perspective (which is different than God's perspective). These glasses of faith can get dirty and our vision gets foggy. That's when we need to go and renew our perscription through prayer or spirtitual experiences. Every time we do, our vision will get better and closer to perfect until the day when we can see like God can.

All is well :)
Elder Hall
Oh, another little note, in zone conference yesterday President announced the changes in the email policy that we can email everyone we want to; but if they are in the mission boundries, we have to ask president for permission to write our recent converts.

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