Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 9 2012

Dear Friends and Family! :)

Oh man has it been a crazy week! Getting ready to leave has really made it sink in that I am really going to preach the Gospel for 2 years of my life! Yesterday I wasn't able to write because it was in field orientation but today is P-Day! Right after I do laundry I'm packing all the rest of my clothes and things and then I will be off To Chile on Monday!!!!! WHOOOOO :)

I don't know the rules for the phone call yet :P I thought they would talk about it in In-field Orientation but they didn't. Most likely I'll be able to make one phone call to you guys for around 45 minutes! :) So expect the call around 5 ish so it gives me time to do all the airport things before I find a payphone to call you :P It's good to hear the story about Elder Jones. I'll keep that in mind because I really have no Idea what to expect :P But my companion Elder West is traveling with me all the way to Vina so I'll be with someone the whole way. Plus my travel plans say that there are 17 Elders in my travel group, so I don't think all of us can get lost :P

Stephen better have written me by now because if I don't get it today I'm not going to get it while I'm at the MTC and I doubt they forward it all the way down to Chile. But if not, he can still me in Vina for fee and tell me where he is going!!! I WANNA KNOW!! :P

So I talked to Gabriel and he said that sending anything down to Chile is very expensive, so I doubt we will be sending SD cards back and forth. I hope that I will be able to use a computer to send the good pictures back to you via E-mail like they just started allowing here at the MTC. Also I don't know how secure the mail is down there either, so that's something that I will find out when I get down there; but my camera just uses a regular SD card.

Thank you Mother for relating your experiences with Grandpa to me :) That helped a lot :) Sounds like everything is going good at home and that Rachelle hit the jackpot of free stuff!

This week for the Sunday devotional we got to watch President Monson's 85th birthday celebration that was put on. It was cool to hear music again :P - especially the Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables song :) But the part that really hit me the most was that as part of the presentation they showed film from the general conference when he became an Apostle. He looked so young and humbled for the opportunity to serve and when he spoke and pledged his life to the service of the church I received a stronger testimony that we have a modern day prophet on the earth today! We need to listen to what he has to say and he will not guide us astray because Thomas S. Monson is the mouth piece of God on the earth today :)

I'm very excited and glad to have the opportunity to be on my mission! :D

All is well,
Elder Hall

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