Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24 2012

Dear Family and Friends :)

Cultural Notes:
Nobody gets married >:( It's really different to see how little importance marriage has in this culture. Sadly I can see how our culture is heading that way as well through Satan's attacks on the family.
Dogs everywhere!! :P We were walking down the street yesterday and there were 11 dogs in the street (not counting the ones inside the gates) and 8 people on the street. I felt out numbered :P

Lame!! So I tried to send some pictures but for some reason they were ´´rejected by the recipient domain´´ so you don´t get to see me and my Trainer Elder Lastra and our apartment that we share with the Zone Leaders.

This week went by so fast! Every day we eat lunch at a members house and even if it's 80 degrees outside they serve steaming hot soup :/ Are you kidding me? But it's nicer on the colder days. It's just turning into spring here so the temperature of the days switch alot. Plus they feed me sooo much food it's ridiculous.

Anyway, the Missionary work is going good. Sometimes it's frustrating :P But the key is work right now. My companion and I have a goal to do 480 contacts in these 6 weeks or 12 a day in the streets/knocking doors. I´ve been rather surprised at how much time we spend teaching in people's homes even though some of our lessons fall through. We can usually find a less active nearby to teach. I don´t know why, but I imagined that we would have more time to knock doors :P But I guess that's a good thing :) We found 3 new investigators this week and sadly one of our investigators is leaving for 5 months to work on a boat :/

Sorry for such a short e-mail this week. I used alot of time trying to send the pictures :/

All is well :)
Elder Hall

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