Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Dear family and friends!

I hope you all took advantage of the opportunity to listen to a prophets voice this weekend! This church is guided by revelation from Jesus Christ to living prophets! :)

Cultural note(s):
Ryan, you would love Chile and the holiday of September 18th - everyone flies kites! Up until the last three days of raining all day, I´ve seen someone flying a kite every day!
Most stove and water heaters here are powered by propane gas, and because of this many companies compete for your business. The way they do that is drive up and down the streets playing tunes like an ice cream truck :P
I´ve learned to say that spaghetti is not my favorite food, because the members here cannot cook like mother.

Yes Mother, I did get your dearelder two weeks ago :P But not Gary and Laura’s yet. And yes I did get the family pictures thank you :) I´ll print them off here so you don´t have to send anything through the mail.
Elder Lastra and I are getting very close to our goal of contacts every day, and some days we get it; but we are still working to achieve it every day in a week. We don´t count it as a contact unless we at least get them to stop long enough to ask them questions and ask if we can pass by their house.
Maria (the midget from last week) attended every session of conference this week! But she is in a different area than mine. I was on an exchange when I found her :P So I only got to do the contact, but she looks 10 times happier than when I first met her.
Elder Oaks is coming on the 20th! :)
I´m so glad that I was able to watch conference! Elders Cook, Holland, Uchdorf, Bednar, and Oaks were my favorite talks :) The new ages for missionaries is awesome! There is going to be an influx of missionaries for the next year I hope with all the 18 year olds added to the 19 year olds. The gathering of Israel will not be stopped :P
Some things from this week :)
I´ve realized how much of an effect people have on you just by being around them a lot - how much they effect your character. Alot of the missionaries say ´fetch´ as a replacement word. I hate that word. But the other day it fell out of my mouth :( I will not come home saying that word. If I do, all who are reading this have permission to hit me.
Something that I´ve seen here in Chile that I´ve never seen in the U.S. is street preachers. The other day we were walking down the street and on the corner there were four men yelling the same memorized passages of scripture and then they started singing. When they finished they walked to the next block and started over again. I don´t know why it was so weird to me to see that because for people in their houses it’s just as weird to have two young kids knock on their door (or in my case yell ha-lo) and ask if they can teach about Jesus Christ :P We certainly are a peculiar people. But regardless of our peculiararity I know what we are sharing is true and will bless their lives. It is an individual message for each person and that is why we go to every person not on the street corners yelling at no one :P God has an individual plan of salvation for each of his children.

All is well,

Elder Hall

PS. Yes Father, in regards to the scripture, "Faith is kindled by hearing the testimony of the believer," faith starts by hearing the word :) The testimony brings the spirit unto the hearts of the hearers. The hearers then have the choice to plant that seed in their hearts and follow through the steps in Alma 32. I hope I understand what you were trying to share :)
During General Conference, during the talk by Elder Eyring about seeing the gifts of others in your quorum and helping them grow, that’s a gift that you have. I believe that is why you are such a good shadow leader. :)
Love you Father - Thank you for your example!

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