Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Call

Mark sent this message along with his email:
For the Christmas call it would be great if Bo, Jessie, Blake, and Kim could be there if they don´t have plans. Hahaha, I doubt that they don´t on the 25th around dinner time, but I could call also at 7 if that would be more convenient.
It would be cool if Gary and Laura could take a video of Ellie doing sign language or walking since they aren´t going to be there :P
For the Christmas Call we are going to be using Skype on the 25th, I should be calling around 8 o´clock which would be 5 o´clock there. So we will get more information on the 19th about the Christmas call and I´ll tell you the final details on the 24. I think it will be a like a P-day so that we can coordinate any final details.
Please let me know if you are able to come at 5 or 7 PM on Christmas. If not, send me a picture and I'll hold it up on Skype! I know he would love to see all of you.

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