Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24 2012

Dear Family and Friends! :)
The only proof of my Hep. A shot is the date that is written in on my immunization card :P and I can't send you that because I need it :P
I hope the MTC talks to us about exchanging money in the airport and all that on our in-field orientation day but I want to have all my bases covered and know what I'm doing before hand.
Tell Chelsea, Stephanie, and Jamie congrats :)
So this week was pretty awesome! I got to host the new missionaries, or in other words show the missionaries the ropes of the MTC and get them situated. It reminded me alot of my first day here and how clueless I was about what I was going to be doing for the next 6 weeks :P It also surprised me that on the first day I don't even remember the part where I went to go get my books and materials, but only that I got them. I could see that the missionaries I was hosting were the same. They were just kinda in shock. The hosting process is literally 30 minutes. It only takes 30 minutes and the new missionaries have their name tags, ID cards, books/supplies, keys/room, and are in their classroom learning. It's quite an amazing feet if you ask me! Especially when only 2-3 of those minutes are at the curb saying goodbye. That part really made me miss you Mother. But we get to host again this week on Wednesday and bring in another 500ish missionaries into the MTC! :) It's amazing that this place functions and exists. 3000ish 19-20 year olds leaving their lives and families back home for two years for the sole purpose of serving others, namely Christ.
We had the opportunity to have Neil L. Anderson of the twelve come and speak to us! It was the prophet's birthday so we sang happy birthday to a big picture of the prophet [Thomas S. Monson]. I thought he was going to walk out, but no:( But we still got to hear Elder Anderson :) It was a great talk! Near the end of his talk he mentioned a phrase just once but it really hit me: "Witness the power of salvation." As a missionary, I will have the blessing of being able to see the atonement work in other people's life, or to witness the power of salvation in their life. I get the opportunity for two years to come out here to serve the Lord and help others come to the power of salvation. The power of salvation that has been so important in my life! The power of salvation that comes from, through, and by our savior Jesus Christ. Elder Anderson said 9 other really awesome things, but I don't have time to write them :P
Father: Thank you for your answer to my paradox last week :) Also what were you thinking trying to bike down the stairs on I-15!?! :P I guess the scouts learned a good lesson about physics :P An object in motion stays in motion unless a force (large enough) acts on it, plus center of gravity, and rotational momentum :P There is a whole lesson in that - haha! Just cuz your gonna be an empty nester doesn't mean you have to go though a mid-life crisis and try to do crazy things :P
Rachelle: Thank you for your letter :) You shouldn't get baby hungry till after I'm back from my mission :P That would just be weird to have a little Hendricks running around the place :/ hahaha jk Do what you want, but seriously that would be weird :P
Ryan: Good for you for getting the Dave Ramsey financial stuff in order! :)
Gary and Laura: Thank you for your... letter? :P I really enjoyed it :) It reminded me not only of home but both of your personalities, and I can see how it transpired :P It also really made me want to see Ellie, have mother send me a Picture or two of her via Email please and thank you :)
Love y'all, All is well;
Elder Hall :)

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